I’m glad we agree that social media has in fact transformed the journalism industry. In my previous posts I tried to cover both the negative and positive effects that this transformation has had in the journalism industry. However after reading the comments below it seems that I have left out some important negative effects the change has had. McGip has pointed out that the word restriction on twitter for 140 characters makes it hard to provide an accurate news story. This makes sense because usually in a news report there are many details covered which makes it really hard to transfer into a 140 character twitter post. With word limitations it makes it difficult for a citizen journalist to share a news story which includes all the information and actually facts. I agree that the word limitation but a constraint on the way the news story is delivered on twitter but just to play devil’s advocate what about quality over quantity? Does it really matter how long or short a news story is? You can argue that regardless of the length of the post, if the quality of the information in the post is good then there is nothing wrong with it. Short and sweet, it seems like that’s what we all prefer these days. The example blogger Stephanielavelle gave about the reaction over twitter when the Egypt crisis first began is something I also remember. Citizens were tweeting and posting about what was going on which is what initially caught the media’s attention. This again like Stephanielavelle says allowed for real time information.  The twitter uproar about the events caused a heated debate over twitter among thousands of people worldwide. Even though accuracy is a major problem with websites like Facebook, and Twitter, they are still very much appreciated because its allows for expressing public and individual opinions because there are no restrictions.



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