I’m glad everyone agreed with my analogy of Piracy being a cancerous disease spreading through the recording industry. It only makes sense with decline of sales that we all have observed. Accessing music by buying albums or record and then playing them in our homes or cars is outdated. The new way of accessing music via the internet is convenient, free and easily accessible. There are so many benefits with downloading music from software’s like Limewire that it almost overpowers the one weakness, which is its legality. Illegally downloading music is obviously wrong we all agree with that but the overall benefits we experience by doing so are tempting, making it hard to refrain from doing so. I found it interesting that we all understand the illegality of downloading music but still choose to do so. For instance when you’re driving we follow the speed limit signs because by law we are suppose to. We follow these laws out of fear of getting a ticket, which in this circumstance is a form of punishment. Should downloading music illegally be a punishable offence? Is that too extreme? Piracy is wrong so why not? McGip comments that “Remixing is like an arm or a leg, it is a part of a generation of Internet users”, I don’t think I could have said it any better. This is what is and will continue to happen on the internet as a way of expression and as a new form of hi-tech art. I think the problem the government and business have to address now is how we can find a middle ground. How can we encourage creativity and innovation with preserving our copyright and piracy laws? This week’s topic was definitely interesting. It made me think about the issue from a legal, business and consumer perspective. In order to conquer this problem all three perspectives should be taken into consideration as they are all stakeholders. 


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