After reading the comments on my last post I was glad to see my peers to appreciate YouTube for the same reasons I do. It seems there is generally a positive connotation associated with everything YouTube related. Like Mcgip’s it is also hard for me to come to terms with and comprehend the idea of an “online identity”.  But this my friend is reality; we need to have some form o of online identity whether it be through Facebook, email or YouTube. It is most definitely a strange concept but like Mannovich says “People build their worlds and identities out of these readily available objects by using different tactics”. I liked that kb09ky played devil’s advocate, thank you it’s always needed and appreciated. She brought up that some individuals may argue that what is put on YouTube is sometimes controversial or inappropriate. This can definitely be true but I do not think that this overpowers all the benefits YouTube has given us. Just like in real life we filter through things and decide what we like, dislike, agree with or disagree with. YouTube just presents a visual representation of reality.  We have the option of watching whatever video we choose, it’s in our hands no one is forcing us to watch something out of our comfort zone. We enter YouTube with consent!  
My peers also agree that copyrighting restricts people from posting and creating what they want but argue that it might be a good thing. Everyone needs a little privacy! Copy Right Laws form a protective shield around work or ideas, keeping them fresh and original. That’s what society appreciates. Nobody likes something that’s copied, repetitive and or plagiarized. It’s looked down upon in society; this is something we discussed in last week’s topic of Wikipedia. The reason there is a negative connotation attached with Wikipedia is not because it is deemed to be secondary research information that it not reliable nor is it accountable information. With copyright laws, people who contribute to different forms of literature are in a way left vulnerable. Their work is left in open to be copied or plagiarized without their consent and that’s not fair. When you buy a house or car, you want to buy insurance to protect it by having some sort of security. Copyright is producers insurance! With copyright producers are able to protect the work that they have put their blood and sweat into.


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