I want to start off by thanking Steph and Amanda for taking the time out to read and comment on my blog post. Getting feedback from everyone really makes this blogging experience that much more enjoyable.

In response to the comment by Steph from stephanielavelle.wordpress.com , I’m glad we both appreciate social media for bringing closer together. Just like you I have family in different parts of the world and communicating with them through the telephone can not only be hard but also expensive. Social media sites like Facebook provide us with a platform to communicate with our loved ones that are miles away. I have relatives in Africa and before the internet communicating with them could only be done through the phone or mail. Making a phone call to Africa many years ago was also 50 cents a minute, therefore it was very expensive. However now with Facebook and email, I can constantly stay connected with them for free. It’s so much more convenient and obviously less expensive. When contacting someone via telephone you need to take into consideration time zones because it may be 9 am for you but 12 am for someone sitting across the world from you. This makes it harder to coordinate a proper time to make calls to your loved ones. When I use Facebook to connect with my families in different parts of the world I can easily type up a message and send it to them. The message is delivered to them instantly and they can access it whenever they get a chance. I personally think we are all so indebted to social media because it gives us control and offers so much convenience to the users.

Next I am going to address the comment written by Amanda Avila from rightstoanimals.blogspot.ca. Now that you mention it I have too noticed that when we see a group of people that are all friends sitting in the same room each person will be connected to their cell phones on their online profiles. Its strange that even when we are surrounded by our friends we need to be still connected with our online profiles. Do you think its because of insecurities or just something we are use to now? I completely agree with you, this is a perfect example of being alone together. I think social media has really helped to define what is meant by physically being together and what is meant by mentally being together. I’m glad that my point about altering personal identities interested you. It is most definitely scary and is the main reason why we are so scared of interacting with individuals we don’t know online. For that reason, I also don’t agree with companies taking a look at online profiles of potential employees while in the hiring process.  Although it sounds superficial its is actually just a way for employers to lurk a potential candidate based on looks and professional success.

After reading both comments on my blog post its obvious that we appreciate social media for its communication aspect. However it seems that we are spectacle about the cyber world at the same time. I think this is in a sense is good because it makes us more precautious and aware when we interact online. 


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