Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Amanjot Singh; I am in my fourth year of studies in the Collaborative Political Science and Paralegal Studies Program at Brock University. I am a licensed paralegal currently practicing under the Law Society of Upper Canada. I love to travel, and recently I traveled to Greece where I had an amazing time indulging in Greek culture, history and food. I’ve also traveled to Mexico and India. In each of the countries I have travelled I have noticed the outstanding number of litter on the street, mostly plastic bags. I have followed the plastic bag reduction initiative in Toronto closely for awhile now and I think it will be interesting to explore this very issue in further detail through this blog. I plan on educating myself about the problem and hope to use this blog as away to share with the public my learning experience. I want this blog to raise awareness about the problems plastic bags pose to the environment and why we as citizens should be concerned.

A Plastic bag is a type of packaging made from thin and flexible plastic film. Plastic bags are most commonly used in retail by consumers for transporting goods such as groceries, books, and clothes. The most common arguments used against plastic bags are that plastic bags pollute the air and water, and pose a significant litter problem that results in clogging of lakes, rivers, and oceans. In order to combat this problem the governments around the world have introduced a plastic bag policy imitative. The plastic bag policy is a public policy initiative implemented for the purpose of limiting the use of plastic grocery bags in order to sustain a healthier environment. The purpose of this blog is to draw attention to the potential dangers plastics bags pose to the environment. I plan to explore topics such as:
• Environmental impacts of plastic bags
• Real stories of damage that plastic bags have caused
• Public policy initiatives to reduce plastic bags
• Pros and Cons of these initiatives
• Canada’s role in plastic bag reduction
• Plastic bag ban on an international level
If you’re interested in learning more about the plastic bag problem, check out the blogrolls, hashtags and websites that I have listed below.


Twitter Hashtags
1. #banthebag
2. #plasticbag
3. #plasticpollution
4. #thebag
5. #plasticbagreduction

1. http://plasticbagbanreport.com
2. http://www.reversethebagban.ca
3. http://www.allaboutbags.ca
4. http://envireusablebags.com
5. http://www.plastics.ca


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